Preservation of Himalayan Glaciers


As glaciers disappear, sea level rise leads to catastrophic floods downstream, which could destabilize the region and the world. Therefore, it is crucial that we stop or slow the melting of these glaciers.

While we cannot change the course of carbon dioxide emissions in the short term, we can increase the glacial albedo with the application of Hollow Glass Microsphere (HGM) and thus significantly slow the melting and perhaps restore the glaciers, an interim measure before the planet's climate is restored.

We partnered with Dr. Leslie Field of Bright Ice Initiative, where she worked for over a decade and made the technology, as assessed by retired NASA executives. By adopting energy-efficient cookstoves, we hope to reduce black carbon deposition on Himalayan glaciers. As part of this initiative, carefully monitored field tests will be carried out on Himalayan glaciers to make the technology ready for deployment and to encourage governments to implement policies and projects to protect the cryosphere.