Preservation of Himalayan Glaciers

Slowing the melting by enhancing the Albedo of the Glaciers

As glaciers disappear, sea levels rise, which could destabilize the region and the world. It is crucial that we stop or slow the melting of these glaciers.


While we cannot change the course of carbon dioxide emissions in the short term, we can increase the glacial albedo by adding a thin layer of harmless reflective materials such as Hollow Glass Microspheres, thus significantly slowing the melting and possibly restoring the glaciers.


As part of this initiative, carefully monitored field tests will be carried out on Chhota Sighri, a Himalayan glacier in India. We partnered with Dr. Leslie Field, CEO of Bright Ice Initiative, who collaborated with a few scientists to develop this solution for slowing the melting of the Arctic. 


Overall, our efforts will help adapt the solution for slowing the melting of Himalayan glaciers and will encourage international authorities to protect our cryosphere and prevent the floods of our future.